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Plastic Pump Dispenser R-1

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Plastic Pump Dispenser R-1


  • Name of the model : R-1
  • Type : Refillable pump dispenser

* General Info
  1. Single-use type
  2. New mechanism
  3. Simple parts : five (5) parts / superior productivity
  4. Range of viscosity Up to 200,000 cps
  5. Volume: 80ml (Possible range : 30 ~ 200ml)
  6. Dosage : 0.2g ~ 6.0g
  7. Material: PP, LDPE


  • Outstanding design
    You can use it with ease by placing it upright on a shelf or at a place you want in your bathroom, and it will create a refined atmosphere.

  • Least number of parts
    While the conventional pump dispensers are composed of 9~10 components, R-pump consists of 4~5 components. Therefore, it can reduce fault causing factors and has excellent productivity.

  • No metal parts
    All the components used in the R-pump are made of PP and LDPE plastics.

  • Minimizing residual
    R-pump is designed to minimize residual inside the pump. The residual is less than 3g after using it to the end.

  • Replaceable refill system
    This is a new type of refillable pump dispenser that has not existed before.
    Everyone can simply replace the cartridge (Pump button is re-used).

Product Detail Image

Plastic Pump Dispenser R-1 -New concept-

Plastic Pump Dispenser R-1 -New concept-

Plastic Pump Dispenser R-1 -New concept-